Lista dei fix 5 years 11 months ago #1197

Implement some dragon valley raids ai
Fixed AIOOE in seductive whispers
Fixed broken mobs movement
Fixed some broken animations from mobs
Fixed herbs functions, must apply even if player is invul
Fixed some mistakes made in previous commits
Update sound system
Fixed wrong damages in some olympiad result panels
Fixed queen Shyeed
Fixed some wrong spawns for quest four goblets
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Lista dei fix 5 years 11 months ago #1204

Fixed wrong bonus for Prophecy of Wind
Fixed wrong spawn for some swamp mobs
Fixed some issues with RemoveTarget when target is mob
Missing dragon valley mobs ai thanks to l2j
Missing aggro for freya knight mobs
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Lista dei fix 5 years 9 months ago #1307

Fixed 100% chance for turn undead
Reworked Frintezza completely
implement all missing skills
corrected some wrong cameras
corrected some wrong social actions
Implement new donate manager for cb
fixed wrong checks in pvp zones and castle zones
minor fix for instance end times
Implement new missing skills for pc bang points
Fixed wrong skill check got dwarfs crystalization skill
Invisible chars except gms should not be able to pick up items
Fixed wrong checks in pvp zones causing issues in aura-area type skills
Fixed wrong broadcast causing client glitch when mobs attack
Fixed wrong checks for talismans skills which consume mana
Fixed target cancel, didnt work on mobs
More retail like freya instances
Fixed seven signs points
Implement olympiad correct status
Fixed instance teleports
More dragon valley raids ai
Fixed missing parameters for some effect handlers
Missing effect range checks
Implement missing skils for pets after retail rework
Nevit system more retail like
Rework completely Fort and Siege guards
Fixed some guards null pointers
Fixed some quest wrong htmls
Fixed some item exploits
Fixed hot springs lure can't be equipped
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